Monday, 28 September 2015

Screaming Fields – They Can Really Be Scary

If one comes across some country side fields where screams and shrieks abound in the night it could really scary. Though there could be many who could laugh at such happenings, there are many who vouch by this. Hence it would not be wrong to have a closer look at it and find out whether there is any truth in it. When we look up the internet and other sources of information, there are many places where mention has been made about these fields where very spine chilling and blood curdling screams can be heard. Hence there must be some truth to it and therefore it would not be right to write it off without delving in it a bit further.

There is mention of many haunted places where some of the worst fights have taken place over the past many decades or even centuries. These haunted places also include many battlefields where thousands of people could have been butchered or murdered in cold blood. It could also be the places where scores of people could have committed suicide for various reasons. Hence it is believed that these souls never got peace in their lives and hence they still continue to roam around these fields which might now have become agricultural lands or could also have some buildings on them. 

Hence if you are keen on knowing more about field of screams there is no doubt that there are plenty of information available on the internet. Spending some time on it would certainly help in more ways than one and one might even start believing in them.  

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